The purpose of the Long Beach Fire Professional Development Foundation (“Foundation”) is to enhance the safety, health, and economic viability of the Long Beach community. We do this by funding proposals from Long Beach Fire Department (CA) sworn and non-sworn staff for professional development programs and experiences that enable them to acquire and hone relevant knowledge and skills in ways that benefit our community as well as raise the leadership bar throughout the department.

Grant applicants must demonstrate clearly how their proposals will affect the level of public safety in the Long Beach community, and they must agree to share what they learn with their colleagues. They also must exhaust other funding sources before submitting their proposals to us. As a non-profit organization,* the Foundation is an independent entity that relies on individual and corporate donations to fulfill its purpose.

*501(c)3 status pending


The Long Beach Fire Professional Development Foundation (LBFPDF) provides professional development financial assistance to Long Beach Fire Department (CA) personnel. LBFPDF is a 501(c)(3)* organization funded by donations from various partners who share the belief that education is critical to maintaining a world class fire department. The mission of the LBFPDF is to enhance the ability of first responders through education and lessons learned from incidents nationwide. This education will help keep first responders on the cutting edge of best practices in the fire service.

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*Status pending


Funding for scholarship is made possible by generous donors to the Foundation

LBFPDF Award Amount and Distribution:

• Scholarship award amounts will be determined on a case-by-case basis

• Applications of previous scholarship recipients will have lower priority

• Scholarship awards will be determined in a timely manner and in order received

• Scholarship funds will be disbursed to the appropriate person, group or entity.


• Applicant submits complete application to the Foundation electronically.

• Board members are notified of the application.

• Members review the application and vote on its disposition.

• The applicant is notified of the decision in writing.

• The funds are disbursed for approved applications.


• Any current permanent full-time or part-time employee of the Long Beach Fire Department with at least one year of service may submit an application.

• Application form, including a detailed budget, and must be completed and submitted in a timely manner.

• Funding must have been solicited from other organizations prior to submission.

• Applicant must agree to provide feedback on event to the board


• Completeness of the application

• How the proposed request benefits the community of Long Beach

• How the proposed request supports the Long Beach Fire Department mission

• How the proposed request benefits the applicant

• Other criteria may be considered as the board deems appropriate